Purpose: The purpose of this study is to provide a better understanding to dentists and orthodontists about patient’s preferences when they are choosing their dentist.

Method: The articles from this study were identified in PubMed, ResearchGate, and ScienceDirect databases. Based on the obtained articles, we classify patient preferences into clinical settings, dentist and orthodontic factors, administration system, and the impact of using social media networks for dental treatment marketing. The inclusion criteria for this literature review includes the articles that related to the topic, published from 2008 till 2023, written in English from PubMed, ResearchGate, and ScienceDirect. The exclusion criteria are articles published before 2008, research where there are biases in the material and method, and articles without full text available. There is a total of 109 articles in the initial review, but 22 papers were included in this literature review after reviewing.

Result: There are 6 articles discussing the effect of clinical setting on patient preference, 18 articles on dentists’ factors, 11 articles on the administration system, and 5 articles on the impact of using social media networks. Among the 22 selected articles, 10 (45%) articles have specifically focused on patient preference when selecting an orthodontist. The results indicated that favourable factors for patients to choose their dentist and orthodontist include caring attitudes, recommendations, and referrals from others. The cost of the treatment will have a large impact on patients’ decision. Moreover, social media marketing will affect patients’ decisions before they seeking their dentist and orthodontist.

Conclusion: A dentist's and orthodontist’s caring attitude, recommendations from others, and cost of the treatment have the highest impact on patient consideration. Moreover, every dentist and orthodontist needs to acknowledge the impact of online marketing strategies.

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