Class III anterior open bite (AOB) is characterized by mandibular downward movement with anteroposterior discrepancy and long face deformity. This often leads to esthetic and functional problem that decrease the Quality of Life in patients. Treatment decision of AOB is always challenging whether goes for camouflage therapy or orthognathic surgery. A 26-year-old female suffered from anterior open bite and facial asymmetry. The clinical and radiographic examination revealed skeletal Class III relationship with hyperdivergent facial type, facial asymmetry with chin deviation to right, and AOB of -5 mm overbite. The pre-surgical orthodontic treatment included partial anterior retraction of upper anterior teeth by 14, 24 extractions. During 2-jaw surgery, maxillary 3-pieces segmental LeFort I osteotomy was conducted for differential vertical movement and transverse dental arch coordination. The mandibular asymmetry and skeletal AOB were corrected through counterclockwise rotation in the distal segment of the bilateral sagittal split osteotomy. Postsurgical orthodontic treatment was completed in 17 months after surgery. The facial profile and proportion were significantly improved with solid functional occlusion.

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