The article reported the use of improved super-elastic Ti-Ni alloy wire (ISW), which was developed by Tokyo Medical and Dental University, to correct a case of skeletal Class III malocclusion combined with anterior crowding and anterior crossbite. An 18-year-old male with a chief complaint of poor dental alignment and protruded lower incisors showed up in our clinic for treatment. Clinical examination revealed skeletal Class III facial profile. Anterior crowding and anterior crossbite could be also noted. Because the patient refused orthognathic surgery, we tried camouflage orthodontic treatment. First, we used ISW crossbite arch to eliminate the anterior interference in order to observe the change of the mandibular position. After that, we use ISW multiloop edgewise arch wire (MEAW) technique and intermaxillary elastics to achieve midline correction and adequate overjet with the bite raising process. The treatment was finished with the improvement of facial appearance and a stable occlusion.

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