A 21-year-old female came with chief complaints of inability to incise food and poor esthetics. The patient presented with a concave facial profile, long face with a steep mandibular angle, incompetent lip closure, and acute nasolabial angle. Intraorally, she had negative 6 mm overjet, 3 mm open bite and dental crowding. She was diagnosed as severe skeletal Class III malocclusion and anterior open bite. The treatment plan included orthodontic treatment with orthognathic surgery and extraction of maxillary second molars, which were supra-erupted and tipped buccally. The pre-operative orthodontic alignment took 11 months. The surgical correction included maxillary Le Fort I osteotomy with 4 mm advancement, mandibular intraoral vertical ramus osteotomy with 6.5 mm setback and genioplasty. The total surgical-orthodontic treatment time was 16 months. The final result presented a straight profile with stable occlusion. The patient’s facial and dental esthetics, masticatory function, and quality of life were all significantly improved after surgical-orthodontic treatment.

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