The treatment of multiple impacted anterior teeth is challenging. Proper treatment plan, meticulous biomechanics design and close collaboration with interdisciplinary team work are key factors to achieve better esthetic and periodontal outcomes. For impacted tooth cases, CBCT images can provide more detailed information about the location of the impacted tooth and its surrounding periodontal conditions during treatment. This case report described the treatment of a mild skeletal Class III, facial asymmetry teenager with dilacerated impacted maxillary left central incisor. Because of the unpredictable prognosis of dilacerated impacted central incisor, our treatment goal was to forced erupt the deeply horizontal impacted canine to substitute the central incisor. The total treatment duration was 50 months. The impacted canine was aligned successfully while stable periodontal condition and occlusion were achieved. Detailed progress and discussion will be illustrated in this case report.

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