Hemimandibular hyperplasia is a developmental asymmetry characterized by 3-dimensional enlargement in one half of the mandible. The malformation results in facial asymmetry, associated with tilted occlusal plane and a deviated chin to the contralateral side. These cause esthetic and progressive functional problems and need to be corrected without recurrence.

This report describes a 27-year-old woman presented with skeletal Class III malocclusion, occlusal plane cant and facial asymmetry. Radiographic films showed hyperplasia of half mandible and condyle on the left side. The condylar hyperactivity over left mandibular condyle was also confirmed by 99m-Tc bone scan. In order to correct her skeletal deformity, LeFort I osteotomy was performed to correct the secondary occlusal plane canting; extraoral vertical ramus osteotomy and condylectomy were performed in the left mandible, and sagittal split osteotomy was performed in the right mandible. Sliding genioplasty was also done to shift the chin in line with the facial midline. Good esthetic outcome and functional occlusion were achieved after the 22 months of post-surgical orthodontic treatment.

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