A unilateral buccal crossbites can be observed in adult patients with skeletal asymmetry and crowded dentition. This case report describes the orthodontic treatment with clear aligners for a 57-year-old female with chin deviation, lower dentition crowding and a unilateral complete buccal crossbite in right premolars. Mandibular single incisor extraction was planned to relieve crowding and the crossbite was resolved by intrusion of upper premolar and uprighting of lower premolar with clear aligners in combined with inter-arch elastic. The entire treatment was completed within 20 months and the treatment result showed good vertical control. This case report demonstrates that clear aligners can be considered as an effective, esthetic, and comfortable tool for premolar crossbite correction, when the treatment sequence on ClinCheck® was designed properly. Also, one incisor extraction was a good option in specific case, especially when anterior Bolton discrepancy are larger than normal.

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