This article reports the successfully utilize the range of functional shift to treat a 16-year-old female with a chief complaint of anterior crossbite. The patient had a skeletal Class III malocclusion with a protrusive mandible, anterior crossbite, low mandibular plane angle and facial asymmetry.

To achieve optimal correction of facial profile and occlusion, orthognathic surgery would be the first treatment option. However, this patient and her family declined the surgical option for higher cost. As a consequence, we use lower anterior bite turbo to disocclude posterior teeth for the posterior teeth extrusion. Class III elastics were applied for the correction of Class III malocclusion. It’s worth noting that the extraction of lower right second molar was intended for the dental midline correction.

The treatment outcome demonstrated the apparent improvement of the Class III malocclusion, midline deviation as well as the facial profile and symmetry. This case showed successful treatment effects with nonsurgical therapy in skeletal Class III malocclusions with the Tip-Edge bracket system.

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