A 29-year-old woman presented with severe anterior open bite (−6 mm). Eight-month presurgical orthodontic treatment involving arch rounding and leveling was performed, with the upper arch treatment from canine to canine only. Bilateral maxillary posterior subapical osteotomy (PSO) for posterior intrusion was performed for 6-week fixation. Postsurgical orthodontic treatment followed, resulting in a total treatment time of 19 months. Cephalometric X-ray superimposition revealed that the anterior overbite was corrected by 9 mm (from -6mm to +3 mm), and the lower mandibular plane angle changed from 38.4° to 35.4°. Therefore, counterclockwise rotation of the mandible improved the facial profile. In conclusion, orthodontic treatment combined with upper posterior intrusion through PSO was useful for correcting severe anterior open bite; it simultaneously achieved a short treatment time and prevented open bite relapse.

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