Although maxillary skeletal palatal expansion was efficient to correct the transverse dental deficiency, the conventional maxillary palatal expansion is still effective in some cases. This case report describes the orthodontic treatment procedure of a 15-year-old female patient who was diagnosed as Angle’s Class I malocclusion with severe space deficiency. The space deficiency of 11 mm was noted in maxillary arch in conjunction with severe overjet, blocked-in lateral incisors, high maxillary vault, posterior crossbite and V shape arch-form. The treatment plan presented non-extraction with rapid maxillary alveolar expansion in upper arch. The Hyrax expander was used in a rhythm of 2 turns/day. The treatment outcome demonstrated 5 mm transverse expansion after 3 weeks of activation. The fixed orthodontic therapy followed the maxillary expansion. The treatment result indicated harmonious facial profile with a normal overjet and overbite occlusion. It is suggested that correct diagnosis in transverse problems and proper selection of appliance contribute to the good treatment outcome.

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