Anterior open bite is a complicated problem due to its multiple etiologies, including anatomical, environmental, and genetic factors. The complexity of skeletal class III deformity depends on the severity of bony discrepancy, especially with anterior open bite. Surgical-orthodontic treatment is often required for complete correction. We present the case of an 18-year-old female patient who had been diagnosed with skeletal Class III deformity and an anterior open bite. The patient underwent a well-planned sequential treatment with surgeryfirst approach. Two-jaw surgery with maxillo−mandibular complex clockwise rotation had improved her skeletal deformities, smile arc, dental inclination and facial harmony. The total orthodontic treatment time was 13 months and had a successful outcome, with harmonious facial profile and stable occlusion. This case demonstrated that communication between the patient, orthodontist, and surgeon, in addition to an accurate diagnosis and treatment plan, is essential for successful outcomes in such cases.

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