A 20-year-old young male complained of his protrusive and deviated chin. He also presented occlusal plane cant, anterior open bite and unrestorable maxillary right first molar and mandibular left first molar. The severe maxilla-mandibular discrepancy was solved with surgery-first double jaw orthognathic surgery. The space of two extracted first molars was closed by protraction of the second and third molars after surgery. Two protraction techniques were used in this case, including closing maxillary right first molar space with reciprocal retraction, and closing mandibular left first molar with one miniscrew as an absolute anchorage. Careful biomechanical consideration was used during protraction to prevent worsening of the anterior open bite and jeopardizing midline control. Good occlusion, balanced facial symmetry and lateral facial profile were achieved within 2 years of treatment duration and have been well-maintained after 1 year of follow up.

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