This case report describes the treatment of a 21-year-old female patient who was disappointed with the outcome of a previous orthodontic treatment and complained about her chin prominent. She had skeletal Class III malocclusion with concave facial profile, hypodivergent facial pattern with deep overbite. The previous Class III camouflage orthodontic treatment was done by teeth 34, 44 extraction since she was 12 years old. With the concept of surgery-first approach, the surgical treatment plan included LeFort I osteotomy clockwise rotation of maxilla and bilateral sagittal split ramus osteotomy backward rotation of mandible with genioplasty and angle reduction in order to increase lower facial height. With non-extraction therapy, the molars were finished in full Class III relation. The 3D surgical simulation showed overall pogonion movement was backward 8.3 mm and downward 5.2 mm which corresponded to post- operative clinical result. As post-surgical orthodontic phase treatment done, the results showed that deep overbite was corrected and facial esthetics greatly improved after about one year of treatment. We report the successful facial esthetic case resulting in motivated patient comfort and psychosocial satisfaction. This clinical case report could be beneficial to demonstrate the corrective treatment of choice in patient who required to improve facial esthetic and function.

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