The case report described the camouflage treatment of an adult patient with skeletal Class III, anterior cross bite, open bite tendency and dental crowding. A 19-year-old male patient presented with chief complaint of anterior crooked teeth. The clinical examination showed a straight to concave profile, midface retrusion, mandibular protrusion, slightly high mandibular plane angle, upper and lower lip protrusion, lip incompetence, Class III molar and canine relationships. Because the patient refused to receive orthognathic surgery, the camouflage orthodontic treatment was planned along with extraction of bilateral upper second premolars and lower first premolars and modest backward-rotation of the mandible to improve facial esthetics and occlusion. The treatment results showed improvement of facial appearance and achievement of Class I molar and canine relationships and satisfactory occlusion. The treatment strategies of adult skeletal Class III, considerations in the conception of camouflage orthodontics and anchorage control were discussed.

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