Orthodontic management in adult patients with advanced periodontitis is complicated and highly technique sensitive because of missing teeth and reduced alveolar attachment.This case report presents a 32-years old female who was referred from periodontal department, complained about maxillary protrusion and anterior spacing. The diagnoses were Class II division 1 malocclusion, combined with bilateral posterior crossbite and deep overbite. After periodontal inflammation was under well controlled, complicated orthodontic teeth movements were achieved with the aid of TADs. The orthodontic treatment includes the retraction of maxillary anterior teeth and intrusion and palatal movement of upper right segment. In the lower arch, the mesial tilted 3rd molar was successfully uprighted and mesially protracted to replace the missed 2nd molar. The facial esthetic was improved and the occlusion was stable after treatment. Her periodontal condition was well maintained.

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