Recently bone screws have been used widely as Temporary Anchorage Devices (TAD'S) in various orthodontic treatments including intrusion of anterior teeth. Here we would like to present an uncommon case report of anterior segmental orthodontic treatment without involving the posterior teeth. A 60 year old male patient reported to our hospital with the complaint of missing maxillary anterior teeth. He wants to restore his function and esthetic with dental implants. However the over eruption of lower anterior teeth interferes with the space needed for upper implants; hence we decide to intrude mandibular incisors. The patient had all metal crown & bridge on all his lower posterior teeth which he didn't want to be disturbed. Therefore the orthodontic treatment was limited only to the lower six anterior teeth. The TAD'S were placed interdentally between the lower lateral incisor& lower canine on both sides for incisors intrusion. The posterior metal crown & bridge was used for avoiding the proclination of incisors. It took 9 months to finish the orthodontic treatment over the mandibular anterior teeth.

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