The increasing demand for excellent quality of medical services by patients affects hospital performance under severe competition amongst Taiwan hospitals. A dental clinic can demonstrate successful performance when it meets the patient expectation, enhances the value of care and invests its resources to improve the treatment quality. Enhancement of the value of care and patient satisfaction will promote their loyalty and also increase revenue by taking the above factors into consideration. Hence the purpose of this study is to investigate the treatment effect on degree of satisfaction and loyalty for dental patients. A questionnaire for dental treatment satisfaction study (N = 270) was filled out by the orthodontic patients of a hospital dental department. Factor analysis and path analysis were used to investigate the impact of medical service quality and patient satisfaction on patient loyalty. The result of this study shows that the "quality of medical care“ and “interpersonal relationship between doctor and patient" are key factors for patients’ satisfaction, and patients’ satisfaction leads to loyalty. Above all, "quality of medical care" had more profound influence on patients’ satisfaction. Based on the study result, we as treatment provider should improve our quality of dental care and treatment outcome for patient satisfaction as well as patient loyalty.

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