Orthodontic patients who love acidic soft drinks will increase the opportunity of enamel erosion, corrosion of orthodontic appliance, discoloration of resin and bonding agent, dental caries, obesity, decrease of orthodontic brackets bonding strength and so no. However, whether these acidic soft drinks would affect orthodontic wires were seldom discussed. The purpose of this study was to investigate the effect of acidic soft drinks on orthodontic wires. The orthodontic wires are divided into 3 groups: 0.016-inch stainless steel round wire, 0.016-inch NiTi round wire, and 0.016-inch TMA round wire. And each wire group subdivided by four subgroups: Coca-Cola, Sprite, black tea, and artificial saliva (control). The orthodontic wires were rinsed with cold soft drinks 30 minutes twice a day for 28 days. The orthodontic wires then were stretched with “universal testing machine” for tensile test. A scanning electron microscopes and metalloscope were used to determine the amount of corrosion of the wires. The results indicated that Coca-Cola and Sprite subgroups had significant corrosion effect over orthodontic wires than black tea. All 3 types of wires showed surface corrosion, especially TMA wires. NiTi wires had less corrosion than stainless steel wires. The orthodontic wires showed no significant difference between groups in tensile test, and also the tensile curve.

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