A harmonious face may involve the proper skeletal and dental relationship, in combination with the color, contour, and position of surrounding soft tissue. A 51-year-old female patient complained about her protrusive teeth and asked for improvement of her facial profile. The clinical examination of the patient revealed bimaxillary protrusion, gummy smile, and several ill-fitted fixed partial dentures. The “surgery-first” approach was chosen to improve her facial esthetics and to achieve a normal occlusion by reducing orthodontic treatment time. Therewas still 2~3mm space remaining between upper left canine and second premolar after orthodontic treatment, and this problem was resolved by prosthetic replacement. All the fixed prostheses were removed and replaced with provisional restorations. The patient was satisfied with the provisional restorations in aspect of esthetics and occlusion following endodontic and periodontal treatments. The definitive prosthesis duplicated the occlusion and morphology of the provisional prosthesis. The final result was satisfactory via interdisciplinary cooperation.

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