It is important to diagnose the underlying cause of an occlusal plane canting so that an appropriate treatment plan can be efficiently implemented. Burstone1said the patient treated surgically should have the occlusal plane parallel to facial structure. In nonsurgical patient, there may be a cant to the plane of occlusion relative to the face. In the past, this cant was not easily treated because of mechanical difficulties in intruding entire posterior segments. With skeletal anchorage device, we can solve the problem today, but can we do it in a different way? This case report presents a young male suffered from severe crowded dentition with deep over-bite. The mandible deviation and a cant in the occlusal plane are also observed. After initial leveling and alignment, the canted occlusal plane has been successfully altered by using Yin-Yan archwire for six months. The total treatment time was 2.9 years.

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