Anterior cross bite is not rare and is one of the characteristics of class III malocclusion. The prevalence rate is about 4-14% in Chinese children. Rapid Maxillary Expander (RME) has been successfully used for many years because it is not only used for correction of vertical, transverse and sagittal dimension of maxilla but also exert on reduction in nasal airway resistance. A 10 years 4 months old Chinese girl came with a chief complaint of anterior cross-bite and severe crowding. She had allergy history with nasal congestion. Complete anterior crossbite and mid-face deficiency with severe dento-alveolar discrepancy on upper arch with canine impaction was diagnosed. There was a presence of functional shift, good CR profile, class I canine and molar relationship, deeper overbite. Rapid maxillary expansion plus chin cap was used in 21 days and 3 months retention with good compliance. Then fixed appliance with facial mask was applied for teeth alignment. The aim of this report is to correct anterior crossbite in an early age and show how to use RME plus chin cap. Our results suggest that early treatment of pseudo-class III by using RME plus chin cap followed with fixed appliance and facial mask is effective in improvement of anterior crossbite and profile.

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