This case report is a 31-year-old man with Angle’s class I malocclusion (ANB: 1;wits: -3mm ) , upper and lower anterior crowding, missing lower right second premolar, and ankylosis of lower right first molar (beneath occlusal plane 7 mm). Orthodontic treatment consisted of extraction of #15 (upper right second premolar), and two buccal tipping maxillary third molars ( #18 & #28). A modified corticotomy was performed by the oral surgeon for the ankylosed molar (#46), and a miniscrew was inserted in the upper right first molar #16 region as anchorage. Via this way, we did upright the ankylosis molar and gradually bring it to the occlusal plane after 5 months. This case report demonstrates that corticotomy-facilitated orthodontic treatment with temporary anchorage device is a practical approach to treat ankylosis. Meanwhile, it could shorten the orthodontic treatment duration, and achieve a satisfactory realistic occlusion.

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