This is not a perfect case. I made some mistakes during the treatment. I wish every orthodontics can learn something from the case and prevent the mistakes that I have made. This was a 11 years old girl and her chief complained is anterior teeth crowding. The findings of examination were convex facial profile, protrusive upper and lower lip, Angle Class I malocclusion, upper right and lower left canine impacted. The treatment plane were force eruption of the two impacted canine, and extraction of upper and lower bilateral first premolars for anterior teeth retraction. When the upper right canine was leveled and aligned, the upper right lateral incisor was pushed to palatal side. At that moment, the patient’s mother insisted on extraction of the block-in lateral incisor, and not sacrificed other premolars. So, the treatment changed to extract the upper right incisor, canine substitution, and be finished with Class II relationship.

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