Purpose: the purpose of this study is to evaluate mandible bone density and gender difference through three-dimensional images. The Images was captured by cone-beam computer tomography (CBCT) and transfer into DICOM format for further examination. Material and method: CBCT images were obtained from 36 males and 34 females aged from 18 to 40 years. Mandible bone density was measured in 4 sites bilaterally. Inter-gender and intra-class comparison were made to distinguish the difference of acquired data. Result: Bone density measurement of females showed greater bone density at almost all sites but only showing significant difference in left retromolar area (p=0.0067). Intra-class comparison shows an increasing tendency from anterior measure site to posterior, and significant lower bone density in retromolar area of male. Conclusion: No significant difference of bone density between man and female except left retrolomar area. Intra-class comparison showing an increasing tendency of bone density from anterior mandible to posterior in both gender.

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