Patient with class III malocclusion and anterior crossbite combined with mandibular prognathism with deviation can be corrected through orthognathic surgery combined with conventional orthodontics. A proper diagnosis and careful treatment planning are the keys to success. This case report described a 30-yearold female, who complained of poor esthetics because of the square face and dark teeth. After a routine orthodontic examination, the diagnosis was skeletal class III malocclusion with mandibular prognathism and a deviated chin shifted to the right. The treatment plan was 2 jaw orthognathic surgery combined with genioplasty and gonioplasty to improve the deficient upper incisal show, protrusive mandible and chin deviation. The orthodontic treatment outcome was very satisfactory. Then prosthodontic reconstruction of missing teeth and veneers to mask the dark anterior teeth were performed to improve esthetics and occlusion.

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