The orthodontic treatment is more popular at Taiwan in these twenty five years. The information of orthodontist’s clinic practice literature is few. The purpose of the present study was to investigate the orthodontists of Taiwan association of orthodontist (TAO) whose clinic practice behavior at north area of Taiwan. The investigations were done by the orthodontists answer on the questions. The questions were included administration of the clinic, the level of clinic computerized, the practice promotion and the influence of practice environment change. Totally one hundred and thirty two effects answer were recorded and calculated. The individually question outcomes were shown as percentage. The results showed most orthodontists were less to care the administration of practice and low computer application on clinical events. The cost and profit were less recorded and analyzed by orthodontist. Conclusion: Although this study was limited on the north area of Taiwan. But this area is the landmark of the Taiwan orthodontic practice. The result can provide some reference on the clinic management to orthodontists.

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