The orthodontic treatment has become the popular choice while the public seeking for optimal occlusal function and esthetics. The discomfort accompanied with the treatment progress is gradually faded out by the post-treatment surprise. Taking a broad view, as the secret veil is lift off, the modern orthodontic treatment is chasing a whole new vision vigorously. However, as seeing the past, we should realize what we get now is not easily come by. Beginning from a division of oral medical science, the orthodontics is now regarded as a professional specialty. With the diversity, splash and the persistency for outstanding, the every footprint was stepped with fascination! In this article, we sort the first footprint of primitive orthodontic appliance, and discussed about the sense of facial esthetics through the Renaissance, and how orthodontics fights to stand firm in the dentistry. From now on, the new page of orthodontic development had been begun.

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