The etiology of anterior cross-bite is multi-factor and the advocated treatment options were abundant. Early orthodontic treatments including chin-cap, face mask and palatal expansion have been recommended by many scholars. But some other clinicians would delay the orthodontic treatment combined with orthognathic surgery for Class III cases till the completion of growth, if there were no obvious detriment to patients’ oral function or psychological impact to their social life. However, for cases of non-skeletal anterior cross-bite (Pseudo-Class III) malocclusion, early orthodontic correction would be beneficial to normal maxillary forward growth and may prevent occlusal trauma of anterior teeth. This case report presents the early orthodontic correction for a 9 year old boy with anterior cross-bite malocclusion. Treatment with modified Hawley appliance followed by 2×4 fixed orthodontic appliance proved to be an easy solution for this type of malocclusion.

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